Why rain gear?
In financial terms, it is a growing market. Also, there is no defined brand that holds most customers for this product.

Crocs iconic 'Croslite' material and is already water resistant and the shoes are considered 'multi-use' or 'all-terrain'. These qualities align with a line of rain gear. So the Crocs brand becomes easily transferrable to these new market.

Essential for competition and works hand in hand with who Crocs is. This line sits in balance with playfulness, comfort, and function for everyone from the casual wearer to the expressive user.
Considering the positioning opportunities and taking Crocs brand, I developed a moodboard to develop the 3 rain gear products. These products are informed by the opportunity and the brand's existing qualities as well as a diverse consumer range.
Marketing the extension

Through digital and physical campaigns that appeal to the consumer as well as new methods such as 'exclusive lauches' and collabs with other brands and celebrities (which Crocs is already known for doing).

On the left, mockups of a Times Square advert and the website showcasing the new line.

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