... But I miss my undiscovered candid places with always-sunny beaches and the strangers, like that baker from Cañazas who, I know, is waiting for me. I love my mother and my fields and how they nurtured me, and I know I could never get either back again, but I would rather reminisce about the unknown future that I cannot let go of than dwell on the sad past that was never in my grasp.
(Future Memories for a Distant Past, excerpt)

I developed and curated 10 short stories to the fullest of their potential, where topics of femininity, queerness, and love clash. The stories are collected in one of the 5 hand made books constructed using a Japanese binding technique.

All the stories are created through imaginative and impossible prompts. More than a challenge, it was an adventure that helped me explore a passion for writing and literature as well as pushing the boundaries of the conventional. It was an involving experience for self-discovery.

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