In a study of perfect pairs in Latinx culture some terms and practices come to mind. The cultural practice of piercing a newborn girl's ear is the standard, but 'additional' piercings or perforations are frowned upon.

Regarding pairs and symmetry, another idea is that of "mi media naranja" which directly translates to 'my half orange' and is the equivalent of 'my other half' in English.
The Process of Subversion

This project is a commentary in the form of digital vandalization. I took 80s jewelry ads that presented models according to the time's beauty standards and edited them.

Vandalization takes for in the typical graffiti and tearing of the poster, but also in the changing of the model. Some may say they look more modern with darker makeup and hair and piercings and tattoos. Traditional latinx culture would critique on the rebelliousness of breaking natural symmetry and 'vandalizing' or damaging the body.

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