Sarigua Seco Bottle

Seco is a national liquor in Panama, cheaply made from cane and the 'big name' brand is currently Seco Herrerano. While they are the only brand that has stood for years they have no innovation or branding strategies. Thus I decide to create Seco Sarigua a new, low-cost brand directed to a more youthful audience and takes from local ingredients and locations as the brand inspiration.
Competition Analysis
of hard liquors and seltzers in the Panamanian market:
Brainstorming a for youthful national audience.
Inspired by the desert and rural life in the countryside. Takes from natural colors and the raw cane.
Blue, bold, and neon. Focuses on the vibrant nightlife.         This board is vintage inspired from the 60s and 70s. It has a bubbly personality that seek to bring 
groovy back.
After choosing a final vibe for the brand, I created graphic and material moodboards. The identity of the drink was to be reflected through every aspect, including bottles and packaging.​​​​​​​
Graphic design experimentation with labels.
Firsts drafts of marrying graphic product and packaging.
The Sarigua final product
​​​​​​is rooted in national tradition and landscapes with a rustic, modern twist. Enjoy the seco spirit or in seltzer form in pineapple or cane sugar flavors. The product comes alongside matching promotional packaging.

Final lineup

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